Russian movies are a great way to learn more about Russia and Russian culture. As long you understand that all storytelling is usually embellished for dramatic effect and that movies for entertainment are not documentaries, you can learn a lot.

Maybe you can make tonight a movie night and discover some of the great movies available on YouTube.

Acceptable Sacrifices | Melodrama | Russian Film

It wouldn’t be Lucky Lovers without a good love story. Try “Acceptable Sacrifices.”

“Max and Kate are living together in a provincial town and getting married. They are young, beautiful and successful. She is an architect, he a well-known journalist. One day Kate is offered a job in Moscow in a large architectural firm. This is a very prestigious job and highly paid. There’s only one thing – Maxim is not ready to give up and to take off to Moscow with Katya. As a result their love faces serious tests.

Watch full movie: (Subtitles in many languages available in player controls)

Here is a very small list of popular Russian movies on YouTube to get you started:

Time to Be Happy With English Subtitles

“A divorced Professor of gynaecology leads a quiet life preferring his work and his own company to other people. However, his solitude comes to an abrupt end when a neighbour knocks on his door one day asking for help. A young girl in his office is pregnant. Alone and confused, Anna feels that an abortion is her only option, but her doctor has advised her that, if she goes ahead with the operation, it is unlikely she will be able to have children. The Professor reluctantly agrees to examine her, but when he confirms his colleague’s diagnosis, Anna is distraught.” 1:39:51

Here’s a whole playlist of Star Media movies.

Top 10 Russian Movies by WatchMojo

WatchMojo compiled its top ten Russian movies. Of course, top 10 lists are very subjective and everyone has their opinion. Still a good review of ten good Russian movies. (2015)

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