It’s a question men and women have been asking for ages: “Are Russian women more beautiful on average than, say, any other nationality? Is that even possible?”

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Here’s an interesting answer from a Russian / Ukrainian woman on Yahoo:

Best Answer: I can’t speak for every woman in Russia or Ukraine, moreover I do see lots of mistakes in their lifestyle and especially in the use of makeup and care products, full of petroleums & Co. The latter only kills natural beauty and steals lots of money. But I can speak for me and my relatives.

Q: “russian women are the most beautiful in the world”
A: no, visit Poland, Scandinavia, Ireland, Baltic states. Our (European) counterparts are not less beautiful.

Q: “what makes them even more beautiful? they are good at taking care of themselves, how do they do that? what do they wear? how do they enhance their looks??”
A: ~50% depends on genetics. E.g. (I’m not bragging) my female ancestors/relatives always look(ed) younger than their actual age, regardless their lifestyle. I do too.
~50% depends on a woman herself.

  • Psychology. She should love herself. No stress, esp because of some unworthy bastards.
  • No McDonald’s & Co. Natural food, we have lots of normal, healthy products and traditional foods. Fish and fish products (I additionally take fish oil, prefer Norwegian brands – they are the best in the world), meat, veggies, berries, quark, sour cream/smetana etc.
  • We (traditionally) like herbs. E.g. to me a tea is not that black one from India, but chamomile + mint and sweetbrier.
  • No pepsis/colas etc, only clean/boiled/mineral water.
  • IMO no alcohol. No cigarettes.
  • Sport, or at least lots of walking. Active life.
  • No excessive mimics, it causes wrinkles and looks ridiculous.
  • No sun tan. It causes wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, striae, may also cause some hormonal issues in a female body. A bit of Sun is only a cure for those, who suffer from hypothyroidism.
  • In my personal case Frost is the best friend of facial skin.
  • As much natural/homemade cosmetics as possible. Oatmeal, fruit juices, eggs, essential oils etc. If you’re lazy – go organic. Btw, in Rus’ we have “Natura Siberica” brand, I regret I didn’t start using it from the very beginning. Instead I was a fool to spend hundreds of dollars buying full of chemicals “brand”-crap from abroad. Do not buy advertising, they just make money off naive people. There are lots of other European organic brands (Scandinavian, German/Austrian, Italian etc) but ours are good too.
  • Makeup. I only buy mineral cosmetics. European and American brands.

As for clothes…
Unfortunately, after the fall of the USSR, lots of our ladies became too… well, let’s say “imprudent” with their style. Pinching underwear is extremely bad for health; such a simple thing like bra does in fact aggravate and in many cases even causes mastopathy and/or even breast cancer. Thong panties might be good for dates, but not for every day use.

There are tons of absolutely normal underwear from natural fabrics, but unfortunately not a lot of women are aware of that.

IMHO short skirt + tiny top/deep cleavage combo looks slutty. So, my rule is: either revealing bottom or revealing top; otherwise you look classless.
I can go on and on but I hope you catch the idea.

Finally, hair. I do think this is very important thing. Since ancient times healthy, long, shiny hair has been glory of a woman; long hair connects us to the Universe (there is even a word in Slavic languages – cosMy – космы, the meaning of which nowadays is distorted… many people think it indicates messy hair). I hope my female compatriots won’t forget it, because it’s literally painful to watch them dying/spoiling their hair brainlessly and then cutting the mess mercilessly.

Correcting natural colour, emphasizing its natural beauty (if needed), making highlights and stuff are ok as long as it doesn’t require monthly *supposedly* “mandatory procedures” with pumping money into the pockets of big companies.

Russian/Ukrainian Girl Yahoo Answers

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“I think it’s a valid question, and the answer is that It’s the Slavic genes. There is no other explanation. Not only Russian girls are beautiful but also Polish, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Serbian, etc etc.” – Quora discussion participant

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“That’s easy:

  1. Good genes
  2. Hard work… Really hard work….. It begins with an indestructible commitment to a healthy diet without exceptions. Then serious daily exercise (my wife on a normal day do yoga, run, swim and ends the day with a session of Zumba for lunatics). Then follows the cultivation of inner beauty: classic reading, painting, dance, etc. And if you still have doubts then is topped with haute cuisine dishes impossible to resist… We mere mortals do not have the slightest chance of escaping.” -Quora discussion participant

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“In general, Russian women’s beauty can be divided into several categories.

  • there are the ones who are absolutely gorgeous, with or without makeup (and if they think there was no makeup in the Soviet Union before 1989 they are imbecils).
  • then there are women who aren’t beautiful, but “smazlivye” — simple looks, without much sophistication, which can be beautified or uglified, depending on the woman’s skill with lipstick/brush.
  • and then there are the big, ruddy, Rashn-Vuman-strong-like-bull women, who are still beautiful in that farm-girl sense, but not nearly good-looking enough for the runway.” -dashenbka

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