Yes, Lucky Lovers has been around for over 15 years now! We’re one of the oldest and one of the first ever on the internet. This is a great point of pride since, from the beginning, we’ve maintained a high-integrity service focused on actually bringing people together. No matter the distance between them. Love knows no bounds!

Confession: We LOVE Deleting Member Profiles!

Why? Simple! Every time we get a request to remove a profile because a member has met someone, we know we’ve done our job!

And nothing says success better than our member testimonials that would stretch the length of a football field if printed out and laid side-by-side!

Check out some of the stories below, in our members’ own words, about their ultimate success in finding a mate-for-life through Lucky Lovers:

(Remember, this is a tiny fraction of responses we’ve gotten from married or soon-to-be married couples who met right here on Lucky Lovers!)

“I just wanted to thank you for the use of your site which helped me find my soulmate… the love of my life.”

ttm_1We could never be any happier then that day we married… my life has changed forever. I was a little skeptical about on line dating especially overseas…but as fate would have it… I found her… I saw her picture and I thought what a very attractive woman and instant messaged her…

ttm_3We chatted on line for one week before I asked her for her phone number and we talked for seven months before I flew down to Kiev to meet her for the first time…. It was instantaneous love… I asked her to marry me and tried to marry on that first trip but do to red tape… it was impossible to make it happen.

ttm_2I flew home to take care of all the paperwork and prepared my self for my new life and then three months later we were married in Odessa… on paper, I’ts been 6 months and I just recently flew back to the Ukraine to convert from Roman Catholic to Russian Orthodox so that we could have an elaborate church wedding in her village of Vilkovo… the Wedding was wonderful…and I guess I made history in my wifes village…because …being the first American to marry in her church, I was the first american to marry in her village.

ttm_31The people of her village made me feel at home especially her family…. all the VISA paperwork has been filed and I recently got a letter from the immagration service that they got my application and is now under review … we will hear something from them on Dec 6… Now all I do is wait for my wifes arrival so the we may begin our future…Again I thank you Luckylovers … you may use this letter as a testimonial… that your site works and is the best !…not only have I met my wife…I’ve made several friends on this site as well… You may use the pictures on my profile… as I posted a couple of wedding pics….again …

Thank you LL for my new life….

Best Wishes to all

Rey & Olga, California

ttm_5“It has been 2 years of marriage for us!”

We are really happy together for life, because of you guys.
Chad and Madeline, Canada

“Thank you for your site!”

I have already found a man of my dream and we are engaged now!
Best regards, Olga Kuzmina (Olga_Sever)

Thank you!

“I met my wife through your website!”

On October 2, 2006 I received an email from Alla Chernenko(now Alla Hxxxxx). We corresponded for 7 months before I visited her in Kiev, Ukraine. We fell in love. Had the time of our life that week. So in August of 2007 I flew back and met her family in Kharkiv and had a wonderful time. I proposed to her that week and she said yes. We were married in July of 2008 and we are very happy. It was a long process getting her here. A lot of time away from each other but it was all well worth it. Now we are together and living very happily.

Thank you for your help, John Hxxxxx (Jonjonitson)

I’m truly a LUCKY LOVER

“I met my great love here on LL.”

And as a great option I’ve got two girls `cause my Tanja has a lovely 10yo daughter who actually was in need for a caring father. Now we plan to get married and all that struggle about residence permit, so we can live together in my house in Sweden.

Faithfully yours, Mats H. “Kotik4U-brave”

“I was a member 10 years ago!”

2013 will be the year of my Tenth wedding anniversary to my lovely Wife Tanya – the Girl I met on Lucky Lovers in 2002. I cannot figure out how to leave a Testimonial to the success of our LL search for Romance.

Kind regards David & Tanya

“Greetings Folks,”

loranme1I see that I have just a few days left on my membership. So, I must tell you that I will not be renewing as I have found my Lady. This is purely as a result of your wonderful site, I could not be more grateful. We have been married for nearly four months, and my Larisa now lives in the UK with me. Certainly we had problems, distance being only one, but now we are together and couldn’t be more happy.

loranmeI would want to offer hope to all your members that there ‘IS’ someone out there, I’ve proved it !!!

I have to offer my thanks for your superb site and the marvelous way that individuals can meet each other and become aquainted. For sure, it won’t lead to romance and ‘ever lasting love’ every time, but one chance is a lot better than ‘no chance’.

My Wife and I wish all your members future happiness and all that we have found in each other.

Rodge and Lora. (rodge and Larisa001) UK-Wales

“Hello, dear Lucky Lovers!”

Thank you very much for everything! I will send you my favorite pictures. I hope you will like them. My husband Gary wrote the message to [below] you too. I wish you the all the best!!! Sincerely, Val

Its been a couple of years since I was on your web site, and my wife Val informed me of your Email correspondances. Thanks for your good wishes. Everything is great here. As Val told you we have been married almost one year now, and we couldnt be happier. I was very impressed by your web site, and reccomend it to other friends and family. As well, I wish you all the best and a successful business. To all the guys, I would like to tell them, “dont listen to the negative stereotypes about Russian women. There are MANY beautiful intelligent Russian girls out there looking for good guys like you. Be careful, but dont be afraid to try this, it works. I am living proof.”

Yours Truly, Gary

“Please tell me how to remove my profile.”

I have found the girl of my dreams Anastasia, #75965, we are to be married in the next 3 months, I want to thank you for making this possible with the most beautiful person, I have ever been in love with. We will write you together, when she arrives.

ID 68926, moviebill11, California

“I am a new member and to tell you the truth I did not think I would ever meet anyone…”

But I thank God first and your site for making it possible to meet the girl of my dreams..I no longer have need of this site, please disable my account…i will pass on the word of this site to the other lonely people of the world but as for me I have found my girl.. Thank you and please sent me a confirmation of the cancellation,

Jose, USA-California

“Now we’re getting married.”

I’m from Miami. She’s from St Petersburg. We met on Lucky Lovers. Great girls and most user-friendly site.
Thanks. Jeff, USA-Virginia

“We intend getting married before the end of the year.”

Just to let you know that I met member OLSKRIP on this site in January this year. She visited me in South Africa for the entire month of April. She returned to Ulyanovsk in Russia after her stay and is coming back to South Africa on the 2nd July. I have been searching for a partner on Internet for more than five years. She was lucky, I think that she had only registered with your site in January this year and had not registered anywhere else.
Best wishes,

Graham, South Africa

“I need to delete my profile I have found my future husband!”

I was very happy be with you, you are the best site!


“I am very happy- I met my truth love ,thank you !”

I wanted to delete my add in LuckyLovers ,help me in it. I wish all luck to all your members!

steffany, ID 3690, Stella

“I want to sincerely thank you because through your service I have met the most wonderful and beautiful lady that I plan to marry.”


“It is my very happy privilege and pleasure to inform you that I have found a beautiful Russian woman who will soon be my wife.”

Thank You for the chance of a lifetime and I will definitely recommend this site to everyone.

Please Remove my Name.

Sincerely,Al Kelly

“I have found my LOVE right here on Luckylovers!!”

I am her knight and she is my princess :)) She is “nimfa26”. Soo sweet.. What a beautifull soul….
Hey L.L !!! I owe you..

Andre (Noble_knight_of_Norway)

“I found my noble knight, he is the one who was always in my dream.”

And I want to say thanx to LuckyLovers for this. Natalia (nimfa26)

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