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Welcome to the premier Russian and Eastern European dating site! Whether you’re looking for friendship, romance, or a serious relationship, LuckyLovers is the place for you. Try our dating service for free!

  • is an established and trusted online dating community. Founded in 2001, we are a leading Russian dating site, connecting Western men with Russian and Eastern European women for love, romance and friendship.
  • Who says size doesn’t matter?! With 250,000 members, we have more female personals from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazahstan and other Eastern European countries than the majority of other Russian dating sites.
  • Other Russian dating sites buy fake profiles while our members are real. Our competitors sell their members’ profiles but we will never ever sell your information. We take authenticity and privacy very seriously.
  • Our basic membership is absolutely free, and allows you to browse profiles, show interest, public chat and blog. Our premium membership, which is as affordable as 40 cents a day, allows you to access all or our dating services, including unlimited email and one-on-one chat.
  • Our membership services are 100% free for female members. Women do not require a premium membership to reach out to men or read their emails.
  • We are known for our quality customer support. Our great customer support team responds promptly to questions, and truly cares about the LuckyLovers community.

A FRACTION of our testimonials from past and current members…

“It has been 2 years of marriage for us! “

“We are really happy together for life, because of you guys.

-Chad and Madeline, Canada

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“Thank you!”

“I have found one very wonderful man from Italy…I am happy now……I wish everyone is lucky )”

-Thanks, Olga

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“I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to all you guys (and girls) who are doing all you can to keep the site genuine and scam free. If only some of the other major sites would give this sort of attention to this problem, there would be a lot less concern, but I think you are leading the fight. THE BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF YOU, AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR POLITENESS AND CONSIDERATION OF MY REPORTS, WHETHER ACCURATE OR NOT! It was a pleasure to deal with you all.”

-Thanks again. Jon

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“I met my wife through your website!”

“This is not a question, its a success story for your customers. On October 2, 2006 I received an email from Alla Chernenko(now Alla Hxxxxx). We corresponded for 7 months before I visited her in Kiev, Ukraine. We fell in love. Had the time of our life that week. So in August of 2007 I flew back and met her family in Kharkiv and had a wonderful time. I proposed to her that week and she said yes. We were married in July of 2008 and we are very happy. It was a long process getting her here. A lot of time away from each other but it was all well worth it. Now we are together and living very happily.”

Thank you for your help, -John Hxxxxx (Jonjonitson)

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“I’m truly a LUCKY LOVER”

“I met my great love here on LL. And as a great option I’ve got two girls `cause my Tanja has a lovely 10yo daughter who actually was in need for a caring father. Now we plan to get married and all that struggle about residence permit, so we can live together in my house in Sweden.”

Faithfully yours, -Mats H. “Kotik4U-brave”

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“I was a member 10 years ago!”

“2013 will be the year of my Tenth wedding anniversary to my lovely Wife Tanya – the Girl I met on Lucky Lovers in 2002. I cannot figure out how to leave a Testimonial to the success of our LL search for Romance.”

-Kind regards David & Tanya

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“Thank you L.L.”

This is Chad right now, Madeline’s husband. My wife is cooking some of her delicious Dominican dishes like this special potato salad she makes and good beans, and I asked her if I could look at the posts, and she said okay, and also if I could type something and she said yes my sweet man. I do not have a profile anymore because I had deleted way before I met my beautiful Lady Maddy and become one as a couple. I was on Luckylovers for a while. I was afraid of giving me heart to just anyone. I had my profile as friendship, because I wanted to know the woman first before it became more and not jump into conclusions. Maddy and I stayed good friends, even after I had given up on Luckylovers, I just could not find the lady I truly wanted, but Maddy was in my mind 24/7 all the time oy.

I kept contact with my lady. Except we were just friends at that time. I met her as a friend in real life in New York, since I worked in the states for almost 10 years. I would see how my lady would act around her friends. She was a true lady, and she was caring always, respected herself and others around her. I saw her sincerity in her eyes. She is hard working, and very responsible lady. I did not judge my woman for what she calls sterotypes. I learn about her culture Dominican Republic. I heard about it a few times in Canada and positive treaties between Dominican Republic and Canada. She likes my Canadian culture. I showed her many things in Canada, including Banff and the mountains, which she likes very much, I like she is an adventurous woman.

During that time we were going out as friends and with a group of friends of hers in the day. She had strict parents she lived with who wanted her home early. I thought strange at age 22 years old, but I met them and they are strict, but are honest hard working people and warm too. It seem she did not notice that I liked her so much. I know she was heartbroken. She was busy with her new goals of going to the U.K. England, and she is so intelligent, she got the job offer in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. I was proud of my lady. I also did not want to lose her. I also wanted her everyday of my life. I had had to tell her this.


We were in front of Starbucks Cafe on I think 47th street Midtown Manhattan, waiting for our friends and talking about many things as usual, such as 80’s music which we both liked, school, and more. She smiled and I just blushed. I just could not stand losing her, and I needed to be with her so much for the rest of my life. I told my lady, Maddy I had been hurt before just like you, I have known you for a while and everyday I felt for you, fell deep when you smiled and your joyful laugh. You are sexy, funny, smart, beautiful, natural , genuine, does not have bad habits that many girls now days do, and so much I want in a woman. I hope it will not break our friendship Maddy. She looked at me and said some things in Spanish, and I said um. Huh. But they sound sweet. She then said I always wanted to tell you too Chad, but I did not know how. I would do anything to have true love in my life is what my lady said to me. She then explained to me why she wanted to start a new life and relationship with me.

PS: My Dominican princess and I wanted to say and forgotten to say that we got married on the 4th of March 2007. I am so happy we found one another and we both thank you luckylovers for helping us find one another. I can not think a day without my latin princess. It is mutual love forever between her and I. My lady told me to tell you thank you for all the good people she talked to on the forums, she is very social person and I also see she enjoys international people. She calm, hard working, exciting and more than amazing to me and I am to her. I see the purity in my lady’s eyes.

I tell good luck to everyone.”

-Madeline and Chad, Canada

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“…helped me find my soulmate… the love of my life.”

“I just wanted to thank you for the use of your site which helped me find my soulmate… the love of my life. We could never be any happier then that day we married… my life has changed forever. I was a little skeptical about on line dating especially overseas…but as fate would have it… I found her… I saw her picture and I thought what a very attractive woman and instant messaged her… we chatted on line for one week before I asked her for her phone number and we talked for seven months before I flew down to Kiev to meet her for the first time…. It was instantaneous love… I asked her to marry me and tried to marry on that first trip but do to red tape… it was impossible to make it happen. I flew home to take care of all the paperwork and prepared my self for my new life and then three months later we were married in Odessa… on paper, I’ts been 6 months and I just recently flew back to the Ukraine to convert from Roman Catholic to Russian Orthodox so that we could have an elaborate church wedding in her village of Vilkovo… the Wedding was wonderful…and I guess I made history in my wifes village…because …being the first American to marry in her church, I was the first american to marry in her village. The people of her village made me feel at home especially her family…. all the VISA paperwork has been filed and I recently got a letter from the immigration service that they got my application and is now under review … we will hear something from them on Dec 6… Now all I do is wait for my wifes arrival so the we may begin our future…Again I thank you Luckylovers … you may use this letter as a testimonial… that your site works and is the best !…not only have I met my wife…I’ve made several friends on this site as well… You may use the pictures on my profile… as I posted a couple of wedding pics….again …”

Thank you LL for my new life….

Best Wishes to all

-Rey & Olga, California


Update on Olga & Rey…

Dear Luckylovers

“I just wanted to Thank you once again and give you an update on how Luckylovers had changed my life for the better. My wife and I have been married for a year and a half since meeting on Luckylovers over two years ago and it seems that it is getting better with each day passing… my wife and I are expecting our first child together and this would not been possible without the help of Luckylovers which help me to find the love of my life on the other side of the world. We are in everyway the same … Our character is almost identical and we share the same passion for life… who ever said opposites attract … is so wrong… we are both head strong but we graciously give into each other. Don’t get me wrong! we are not perfect … we have on occasions had some disagreements but we made it a point to not go to bed mad. My wife has only been in America for only six months and she got her California Drivers License and is PADI Qualified so that we can go diving along the coast or some South Pacific Island. She Indulges in all my activities… Paintball … Boxing … and Thai Boxing …. She may be the next World Kickboxing Champion… but that will be after the Baby Of Course. We just found out last week so I thought I come on Luckylovers and Say Once Again Thank You form the bottom of our hearts… we could’nt have done it without you…”

Olga & Rey, California, November 2007

P.S. You can use this letter as a testimony and the pictures which our posted on this profile

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“I met my wife about one year ago on LuckyLovers…”

Hi Lucky Lovers Support Staff,

I wish to thank you all for the wonderful service that you operate and, in particular, for enabling me to achieve such great happiness. I met my wife about one year ago on LuckyLovers and we married in Irkutsk on 30 December, 2005.
Kindest regards,

-Phillip, Australia


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Update from Rodge and Lora:
“Greetings from Rodge & Lora, Many thanks for your message, your kind wishes are most appreciated. We have been living here for some 8 months now and are both blissfully happy. It has been interesting for me (Rodge) to watch Lora change from a ‘Big City’ girl to a ‘country’ girl. We had some worries that our location might have proved a problem for her, she has never lived away from a City, and never in her life had a garden.

But, she has settled in and now wouldn’t return to another city, our life here is too happy for her. Lora is everything I have always wanted in a Wife, and an even better ‘best friend’. I must thank Lucky Lovers once more for allowing us to meet, both of us have seen our dreams come true. I’ve added some images, mostly of Lora, and you are welcome to use them as you wish – I rarely take a good photograph and dislike the camera very much !! We both hope that Lucky Lovers continues from strength to strength, one of the few websites on the net which does as it claims.”

Our Warmest Regards,

-Rodge & Lora (larisa001)


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“We have been married almost one year now, and we couldn’t be happier.”

“Hello, dear Lucky Lovers! Thank you very much for everything! I will send you my favorite pictures. I hope you will like them. My hustband Gary wrote the message to you too. I wish you the all the best!!! Sincerely, Val

It’s been a couple of years since I was on your web site, and my wife Val informed me of your Email correspondances. Thanks for your good wishes. Everything is great here. As Val told you we have been married almost one year now, and we couldnt be happier. I was very impressed by your web site, and reccomend it to other friends and family. As well, I wish you all the best and a successful business. To all the guys, I would like to tell them, “dont listen to the negative stereotypes about Russian women. There are MANY beautiful intelligent Russian girls out there looking for good guys like you. Be careful, but dont be afraid to try this, it works. I am living proof.”

Yours Truly, Gary



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News from Valentina ! we received her thank you message in 2002 (check testimonials below) and now we have an update and great news – Valentina and her husband are married for about a year already and they will have their 1 year anniversary on September, 2005 – Happy Anniversary, guys! God Bless your family!

Dear, Randy and Stasya
Thanks to your website, I have met the most wonderful man, I love with all my heart, we have our anniversary in 3 weeks, on September 18th
Your wonderful site works, you are helping people meet their soulmates and happynes. For more then a year I am living in USA, New Jersy. All our friends in states and Russia are asking us for the address of your website, since they see – internet dating really works, we are glad to refer your site to our friends, since we want our friends to be happy to..
I have created my personal website about my life in USA, it is and think, it will help girls to know more about life here and about my experience.

Здравствуйте, милая Стася и Ренди!
Благодаря вашему сайту я нашла любимого и самого замечательного человека, с которым у нас через 3 недели, точнее 18 сентября будет первая годовщина свадьбы! Ваш замечательный сайт делает великое дело, вы помогаете одиноким людям найти счастье в жизни. Уже больше года я живу в США, в Нью Джерcи. Многие знакомые и друзья моего мужа спрашивают адрес вашего сайта, так же как и многие мои подруги из России. Потому что видят, что это на самом деле реально. И мы с большим удовольствием даем им адрес вашего сайта, потому что мы счастливы вместе и ходим, чтобы наши друзья тоже были счастливы. Пожалуйста, не сочтите за рекламу, но я создала свой сайт о моей жизни в США, думаю, что многим женщинам и девушкам будет интересно и полезно узнать мой опыт жизни здесь. И хорошее и плохое, мой личный опыт, как девушки, приехавшей в США по визе невесты. Адрес моего сайта:
Кстати, я уж не знаю, как вы, ребята догадались, но в отзывах вы поместили письмо моего ( теперь уже) мужа сразу же после моего!!!! Просто поразительно! Еще раз большое вам спасибо за все! Искренне желаю счастья вашей семье!

Всего вам самого доброго, Валентина.


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Greetings Folks,
I see that I have just a few days left on my membership. So, I must tell you that I will not be renewing as I have found my Lady. This is purely as a result of your wonderful site, I could not be more grateful. We have been married for nearly four months, and my Larisa now lives in the UK with me. Certainly we had problems, distance being only one, but now we are together and couldn’t be more happy. I would want to offer hope to all your members that there ‘IS’ someone out there, I’ve proved it !!!
I have to offer my thanks for your superb site and the marvelous way that individuals can meet each other and become aquainted. For sure, it won’t lead to romance and ‘ever lasting love’ every time, but one chance is a lot better than ‘no chance’.
My Wife and I wish all your members future happiness and all that we have found in each other.
Thanky ou, if you would wish to use some of our photographs for publicity or marketing, please let me know, we would be only too pleased.

Rodge and Lora. (rodge and Larisa001) UK-Wales


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Thank you for your attention to my oversight. I have had a hole in my life that your website fills.
Thank You

Steve, USA-Florida


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DREAMCATCHER_61, Wisconsin


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I would like to thank all the staff at LL for this wonderful site and i wish everyone the best of luck in there family , health , bussiness

Thanks Culver, USA


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Hello . My memebership runs out in a couple of days, and I do NOT wish to renew it. I’ve met someone through your site and I’m going to visit her in a couple of weeks. So that’s why. I want to thank you and the entire Lucky Lovers staff, your site is the best!
Thanks for everything.

Nasser, Netherlands


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Hello there …is with lot happyness what I writte this lines for to thank …site Lucky lovers because here I meet my true love I am very happy ,thank for all people what work for site Lucky Lovers ,because is site is really great “love in the air” always here
Kisses and thanks for all.

ID 142166 Eliane, Brazil


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I just wish to pass on my compliments to you on the efforts you have put into this website. During my time here I have found it almost addictive to be following the micro-world inside LL. And judging by the number of posts in the Forum, a significant number of people do actually find their match.
My hat off to you,



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Thank you very much for you promptness and attention. I will probably stay a member for a long time to come. I enjoy your site and appreciate your attention. I just wanted to say thanks, I work in the customer service industry also and sometimes we as customers forget to say thanks.

Mike R.


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not really a question, more a compliment, I just wanted to say thanks someone for coming up with a great site like this, that is a fresh look, promotes honesty and looking out for its members, has some great search features that make everything easy and good. And not ripping people off, its pretty faultless if I think about it, love the scam policy and whole website is a pleasure to be on. Its enough sucking up lol, but just think its a refreshing change as some love/datings sites are so bland and have far too many people abusing the system and untrusty people.

Philip, UK


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dear lucky lovers support team
l want to celebrate you are very creative persons.l like so much the last surprise about seeming pictures near ID is so wonderful success.
thanks in the name of users.

RIFAT, Turkey


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No Questions Just thank you your Lucky Lovers site is great I am new on the computer and this is the best site I have seen.
So Thank You

Gloria, California


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No problem — just a compliment. Showing pictures when rolling over the ID # is excellent. Seriously, you always seem to be one step ahead of the other sites in usability and sophistication.

Gene2004, Florida


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please tell me how to remove my profile. i have found the girl of my dreams Anastasia, #75965, we are to be married in the next 3 months, i want to thank you for making this possible with the most beautiful person, i have ever been in love with. we will write you together, when she arrives.

ID 68926, moviebill11, California


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Спасибо за предоставленную Вами возможность пообщаться в Вашем клубе. Это самый прекрасный сайт из тех которые я знаю и я многим порекомендовал зарегистрироваться и найти реального человека на вашем сайте. Еще раз большое спасибо желаю вам дальнейших успехов в ваших делах. С огромным уважением и любовью к вам,

Гюндуз, Azerbaijan


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To whom this may concern
i am writing to inform that i have only joined in the last week , and this is not one of , but is the best i am having so mush fun . keep up the good work
many thanks .



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And thank you for a really good experience with internet dating on your outstanding site, it is a plesure to see how well it functions.

Arne, Denmark


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Hi….I don’t really have a question, but I have now found my “Ideal Woman” thanks to your LL site….. So please except my thanks, and congratulations on the “Best Personal site ever” However, both my “new girl” and I feel that I should now leave your club, as I am still receiving many contacts from other ladies, which as I am now “fixed up” is not fair on them, or my new girlfriend….. Sorry about my “long winded” letter, but I could not find a way to end my membership, on your site….
Once again Many Thanks, and keep up the good work…
Kind Regards…….



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Greetings LL team. I am a new member and to tell you the truth I did not think I would ever meet anyone…But I thank God first and your site for making it possible to meet the girl of my dreams..I no longer have need of this site, please disable my account…i will pass on the word of this site to the other lonely people of the world but as for me I have found my girl..
Thank you and please sent me a confirmation of the cancellation,

Jose, USA-California


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Dorogie LL, ya segodnya samiy cchastliviy chelovek. Ya vlyubilcya,i pohozhe ya vlyubilcya ponastoyashemu,spasibo vam za to chto Vi esct’!!!. Blagodaryu vas za to ,chto vi mne dali vozmozhnoct’ vstretit’ moyu mechtu,kotoruyu ya uzhe ishu ctol’ko let. SPASIBO VAM.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya ochen’ cchastliv.



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hi! this is not a question! i would only say thanks for all! I have meet fantastic girl with this site! Thank you so much! have a nice 2004 Stasya, with many many love!
bye bye,

Sem, Switzerland


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I’m from Miami. She’s from St Petersburg. We met on Lucky Lovers. Now we’re getting married. Great girls and most user-friendly site.
Thanks. Jeff, USA-Virginia


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Dear LL TEAM ! Your agency is the best of the best! I really enjoy my membership here.Thank You very much.I wish all of you all the best in your work. MERRY X-MAS ! A HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Liudmila, Lithuania


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I have no question. I only will to tell you – You have a fantasy site. Easy to understand and no question about payment. I want to thank you for this site.

With regards and thanks from Lars-Åke in Sweden

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Phil and Yulia – read the whole story!


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